We each have a lens with which we receive the world, colored by our experiences.  If you stack all those lenses on top of each other, I believe you come closer to a Bigger Truth that connects us all.  Stories are like lenses that help us understand each other more clearly.  I absorb and honor stories because listening is a revolutionary act, and can support the transformation of our society.  I'm a cultural worker, actress, writer, teacher, and producer of performance.  I am part of networks of artists and changemakers dedicated to the ending of all systemic injustice even if I can't always remember it.

My work lives at the nexus of theater, liberation, community organizing, and dialogue about people and ideas that should be heard more than they are.  I want to leave people feeling more whole, inspired, and connected than when they arrived.

We are all born artists.  We are all born creative geniuses, as Robert Alexander of the late great Living Stage Theatre Company used to say.  I'm all about encouraging the genius of everyone along my path, through all that I do. 

*cultural worker:  "catalyst, guide, mirror and facilitator of social change, seeking implicit and explicit solutions to collective and individual problems. This individual accepts the intellectual challenge of analyzing the world for the purpose of changing it (Cone, 1986)."